Last weekend we were thrilled to be in Perth for our Annual Conference for Pastors/Leaders and Spouses.

We enjoyed richly blessed worship and teaching throughout the day. One of the highlights of the day was to hear from Morag Borthwick, Kenny’s wife. Such a fresh and honest word filled with honesty, humour, and love. At he end of her session and reflecting on the day, I was struck by the deep love and affirmation her husband had for her. He was there to bless, to encourage, and to let her be herself. Beautiful.

I then chatted to a couple where the husband is the spouse of a minister. His love and support for his wife was so evident and beautiful, even when, as with all of us, watching her go through hard seasons wasn’t easy. He absolutely supported her call and her service to God in parish ministry. Beautiful.

What a beautiful gift we can give each other in marriage and ministry. Two unique individuals loving and honouring one another from a foundation of togetherness and unity. Regardless of your church involvement, the important thing is your value, love, and understanding for each other in the ‘us’ times in marriage and in church. The times to bless, support, check in on, and care for as you offer mutual practical and spiritual support.

Perhaps even reading this you feel different emotions bubbling to the surface. Don’t bury them. Pause a moment and check in with yourself. Do you feel disconnected to your spouse? Maybe unappreciated, overlooked, undervalued? Perhaps you feel frustrated or even angry and resentful with your spouse for not caring about you in the way you want? Your needs, your support, service or role in both life, family and church.

Take your heart, thoughts, and emotions before God today. Seek His perspective. Then make time to share your feelings with your spouse in a relaxed and peaceful conversation. Forgive, reconcile, and move on in a mutual understanding of love and respect for each other.

Pursuing individuality at the cost of togetherness in marriage isn’t healthy. Love and edify one another and always keep God where He loves to be, at the very centre of your marriage and ministry. Beautiful.

Beautiful You, Beautiful Me, and Amazing US!



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