It’s almost a year to the day since we had our first ESPS Ministries conference for women in ministry and leadership. Tailored for women who serve God in the roles of pastor, pastors spouse, missions workers, church leadership, etc. It was enormously beneficial to get together with others in similar roles and callings. This is an area we at ESPS Ministries are excited to continue developing for you.

What an incredibly blessed and inspiring day we had as we were built up and envisioned for the year ahead. None of us could have foreseen how that year was about to dramatically change with Covid-19 sweeping the whole world. Life was put on hold for us all, including our plans for another Conference at the start of this year. However, the good news is that we are planning a similar event for a later date, details to follow nearer the time.

Whether you were a conference delegate or not, I’ve been sensing the Holy Spirit encouraging us to listen to the seminars from that day again. As we look to start easing restrictions in the next month or so, this is a good time to position our hearts and see what God may be saying to us for our lives. Perhaps it’s time to rekindle the embers of our hearts again, stirring up faith for resurrection of hopes, dreams, purpose and promises? Listening to these seminars is certainly one way of doing that.

Many of us have struggled in areas of life and faith over these last long months. Why not take time now to encourage yourself? As you do God bless you with renewed strength and grace going forward in life, knowing that HE is right by us, in us, for us, and is going ahead of us!

Seminars from that day can be found on our website under ‘Conferences & Events’ –  Click here

Here are the details of the teaching from each session.

Andrea Wigglesworth-  1‘New Seasons- Could Be’s /should Be’s’ &

3 -‘What time is it? Time for Daniels to Arise’

Donna MacNeil- 2- ‘Fulfilment of Promises’ ( Looking at the life of Sarah)


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