When some sort of post pandemic normality starts to return, it will no doubt take us a bit of time to adjust. Among other things, we will mourn those who have died, we will look to comfort and support those who have lost their jobs, and we will celebrate seeing and being with loved ones again.

Before the time comes for us to ease into the lifting of lockdown restrictions, I wonder if we have managed to find a quiet space to start processing and thinking of what changes may be coming our way as those who are married to pastors?  Many voices are declaring that church will be never be the same again. That is as yet a great unknown. But what if we ourselves would never be the same again, both in how we function in life, in family, and in church?

Across the world people are referring to this current situation as an opportunity for ‘Reset’ in our lives. Across every walk of life this is a recognised opportunity to change for the better. The chance to get off the hamster wheel of life, to slow down, to connect with ourselves and our inner thoughts and feelings, to be with and appreciate our loved ones, etc.

In amongst the difficulties of lockdown there are also many positives starting to rise to the surface. One mum has commented she is actually loving this time with her teenage children at home, they are rediscovering the joy of family. Another shared that her marriage has been surprisingly blessed as her husband is more present and attentive because they just have each other. This is an amazing opportunity for us all to re-access how we live our lives.

As Christians we recognise that God is in and above all that is going on around us. We can trust Him implicitly.  That being the case, if we want to make this reset work, then lets invite God to help us process and filter our thoughts. We may want to strip back a few areas of life and leave behind stressful ways of living. e.g. people pleasing, obligation, exhaustion and juggling a packed schedule. We may want to rethink all the roles we fulfill in church and how we balance raising a family. Or perhaps for some we recognise that we could be available to help at the church or support our spouse a bit more than we were. Contemplatively consider family life, family worship, developing healthy relationships in our homes, working at happy marriages, etc. This is a good time to sieve through it all.

‘Be the change you want to see’ is a very popular quote. It’s so true.

We all have power to make choices, both good and bad. And so to our own spirituality, through the same lens. We can have as much of God as we want or we can have as little of Him as we want. The choice is ours. Maybe these last few weeks have enabled us to enjoy more time to connect with God. Time to read our Bibles, to pray, to worship, to journal, to listen to podcasts. Maybe we have developed new rhythms of prayer, and mediating before God. If we haven’t yet, then this is a great time to start.

Going forward we may still have days of worry or stress or revert to old habits, but keep on course and be encouraged! Each little change in our lives for good, slowly starts to become our new normal. A better way and a happier and healthier way of doing life is in reach for us all. Accepting this reset invitation could literally transform our lives in greater ways than we could even imagine.





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