The Psalms ( Poetry on Fire ) ..the Passion Translation

The ancient Psalms find the words that express our deepest and strongest emotions . They will turn your sighing into singing and your trouble into triumph .no matter what you may be going through in your life, the Psalms have a message for you.

The Psalms are meant to you what they did to David , they will bring you from a cave of despair into the glad presence of the King who likes you just the way you are. As you read these 150 poetic masterpieces, your heart will be stirred to worship God in greater ways. The Passion Translation of The Psalms will leave you amazed as the inspired words of scripture unlock your heart to the wonder and glory of God’s Word. It truly is “Poetry on Fire ” .

We cannot recommend this book enough ! It’s a fresh and beautiful interpretation on the Psalms. You and I may know many psalms from memory from certain translations , but to see them in a new light of translation in every day English is MOST refreshing and inspiring.  A wonderful, wonderful book .


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