Who would have imagined back in March that we would still be living with varying degrees of lockdown and restrictions on our daily living due to Covid-19? I think most of us have just about managed to trundle along from month to month as we faced uncertainty around the pandemic, people’s health, employment, education, family, personal and church life. Some have even had to deal with worst of Covid-19 with the loss of loved ones, or people in their congregation and community. It’s fair to say that these last few months have been an emotional roller coaster for us all.

As those who work from day to day with a focus on other people’s wellbeing, it is essential we keep finding time for ourselves to deal with our own thoughts and emotions. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are so very important. Taking time to look after ourselves is actually practicing wisdom. From a place of personal wellness, we are in a better position to then look after others.

‘RESET’ was the title of our Annual ESPS Conference that we held recently. (seminars coming online soon)

Coincidentally ‘RESET’ was the title of an interview Andrea Wigglesworth took part in back in April for a church in Ireland. This is a wonderfully helpful message that is still very timely and applicable for us in these days. (follow the link below)

Andrea shares how to deal healthily with our thoughts, emotions and anxieties. She gently encourages us to ponder the question - is it possible we could actually emerge from this season stronger in God after a personal re-set? Will we flounder or will we flourish?

God bless and encourage us all to be positioned to flourish in these days and in the days to come.

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Donna MacNeil

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