For many of us during this pandemic, our week will be filled with fluctuating thoughts and emotions as we go about daily life. Some days we may feel at total peace and walk in blissful reconciliation to our circumstances. Other days we may feel frustrated, tense, anxious, or worried about the future. We may also have days where we just feel sad, weary, or discouraged. There’s even a chance we may feel the full range of all of these emotions on any one singular day!

All across social media, people post the best of themselves. We see fitness routines, baking masterclasses, art and music accomplishments etc. There’s also a myriad of powerful Christian worship, words and preaching/podcasts. All these endeavours are very good and blessed, but please be careful to avoid the comparison trap in thinking you should be something you’re not. We need to journey through the current adjustments to life at our own pace. Let’s be kind to ourselves, bearing in mind that Covid-19 has been a traumatic event with lingering and ever changing repercussions. It is still all so new.

Sometimes those in leadership and ministry are looked upon as having all the answers, often a misnomer. But don’t make the mistake of thinking we have to have answers or solutions. Sometimes just owning that fact is our answer. There are many ministries, churches, and leaders already facilitating new ideas and ways of doing church. By all means be free to bless what others are doing, but don’t feel you have to do something just for the sake of doing something. Journey with God, and do what you are able to do, when you are able to do it.

Living life seems a case of swings and roundabouts at the moment. Longing for family and friends, missing work and church, children stuck at home, etc. It can all be overwhelming. We need to step back and self-care in order to cope. And that’s ok. It’s amazing how at times we need someone else to be permission giving. So, be sure and care for yourself, be gentle, and give yourself permission to not be anyone else but you.

Our faith can be swings and roundabouts too. Ups and downs or round and round. Desperate to be in the presence of God, then struggling to mouth a prayer. Remember that we have a loving Heavenly Father who’s heart is so tender towards us as his children. His love and security is always our comfort and safe place, and all the more in these days.

Matthew 6:6 - ”for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

In closing today I thought I’d leave a light hearted song with you. It’s written by a music teacher to express how lockdown feels for her.

So whether you’re on a swing or a roundabout, I hope it helps you express yourself and leave you with a big smile today.



A music teacher on how to handle online learning.

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