strengthen-yourselfStrengthen yourself in the Lord ….by Bill Johnson


Bill Johnson is a fifth generation Pastor, and senior pastor of Bethel church, California. A renowned author who has written many books, all of which are hugely beneficial to read,

In ” Strengthen yourself in the Lord ” Bill Johnson shows, through both scripture and personal experience, how to receive encouragement and how to be strong when facing difficulties’ at home, work, or within your family. He shares wonderful personal discoveries studying the life of David, that when facing challenges around you and within you, God can be your greatest encourager and He will provide all the strength you need.

Chapter headings to whet your appetite include ” Disarming Hell through thanksgiving “, “The Personal Breakthrough Moment”, “Controlling your environment ” and “the Desperate Cry “..

The authors love for God, and passion for us to know and walk in that love is so refreshing, encouraging and equipping .This is a read you will not be able to put down.

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