As those who care for others in life, it’s really important to be in a place where we can receive ourselves. It’s good for us to grow and be refreshed in our spirits as well as in our skill set. We want to be the best ‘us’, so that we can minister more effectively to others.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to look for personal development opportunities, so today we’d like to share some information about a brand new online course ‘Soaring in your strengths’. This course will be run by  the well-known and wonderfully experienced Andrea Wigglesworth and Vicky McVoy. (

Having attended a similar course in person a few years ago, I can tell you it was of enormous benefit and blessing. As well as the psychology and theory, it was incredible to have everything so rooted in the Bible and shared in the context of being in God’s presence and receiving God’s love.

Whether you choose to explore this course or others, it really is beneficial to our whole wellbeing to do something. With so much demand on leaders right now, take some time for you and invest in becoming the person you were destined to be.


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