Last week, to celebrate the end of the weekly NHS Clap for carers, a well known and popular local band took to our streets. From the back of a large lorry ( with health and safety adhered to) they toured the main town and outlying areas providing a free live concert to the delight of everyone. A couple of days later, I was amused to speak to a friend who shared that he had been working outside listening to music in his earphones, utterly oblivious to the live band playing behind him as they slowly passed by. A moment in history was missed.

I felt the Lord remind me of that story this week as I was praying about what to share, along with the weight of a prophetic testimony.

Years ago, I remember my husband Tommy was given a particular prophetic word. The Lord showed a senior leader a picture of Tommy on a beach, with a line of people as far as the eye could see, standing shoulder to shoulder with their backs to the sea. They had all bent down and had picked up sea-shells that they were holding to their ears. They were engrossed in the sound of the sea. In the picture, the person then saw Tommy stunned to realize that the line were content to hear the ocean faintly represented in a shell, when in reality people only had to turn round and there was the vast ocean right in front of them. The beauty, power, majesty, and reality of what they were listening to was closer to them than they knew. One by one he started to tell people to turn around. Which they did.

These are very significant days that we are in as the Lord is at work all over the earth. We need to have ‘ears to hear and eyes to see’, or we could miss out on what God is doing. Many have inadvertently made God so small, so terrifyingly containable in our finite minds, when He is in fact the Great “I AM” . We read about His power, we sing about His majesty, and then we pray prayers with as much faith as the faint noise of the ocean in the sea shell. We need to turn around. Not to be content any longer with a measure of God that has become familiar, but embrace the fullness of who He is.

I believe there needs to be a surrendering of our own ways, our interpretations, our limits, our personal likes and dislikes, plans and programmes. The wild vast ocean is untameable and full of wonder, just like our God. I believe He longs for his children and His church to surrender wholeheartedly to His will and ways for such a time as this on the earth.

God is in all the mess and chaos of life. Like the most beautiful tapestry, there is another story being played out before the courts of heaven. He is coming for His bride and coming in a mighty great awakening all over the earth.

I believe our limitless, loving, majestic King is wooing us to turn from the familiar, the predictable, and all that is done in our own measure of faith and strength, to gaze afresh on who He is. Jehovah God. I believe there is something greater coming. Many worldwide church leaders, prayer warriors, and prophetic voices are sensing winds of change. God’s purposes for His Kingdom are being released in greater measure and might than we have ever seen.

Let’s not be like the man in my story who missed a live band because he only had ears and eyes for his own choices. Let’s turn our attention to heaven in utter abandonment, to see and hear what the Lord is saying to us and for others in these days.

May our prayer be today – “Lord, send revival, and start with me”.


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