We are all in the same situation this weekend as we get to grips with the sudden shock and knock on effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. As we process what it now means for our family life and work life, we are also knowing the knock on effect of what it means for church life and congregations.

Pastoring a congregation and carrying the weight of the needs of others can be overwhelming as we find ourselves in a complete unknown, both for pastors and leaders and the effect this can have on spouses and home life.

We recognise that those who provide care and support don’t often know where to access such support for themselves. That is often the same spiritually. Although our utter trust and faith is in God, the fact remains that we ourselves are still very human. We may at times feel overwhelmed, anxious or discouraged, etc. ESPS Ministries is mindful of the added pressure on church leaders at this time.

To develop our support, encouragement, and availability to you in these days there are a couple of initiatives we are working on that will come on line at some point next week. As well as prayer requests you can send via our website (www.espsministries.org) you will also be able to have a personal prayer appointment over the phone with one of our prayer team at an arranged time. We are also developing our FB page to include a closed forum so you we can chat and receive encouragement together. There are one or two other things in the pipeline - please keep checking in with our website next week for more details.

Our great comfort lies in the assurance that none of this is a surprise to God. What a great opportunity to get realigned to His plans and purposes for us as individuals and as a church body.

God bless you and yours. We continue to pray the blessing of God over you, your families, ministries, and the church in our land and beyond in these days.

Donna MacNeil



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