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Prayer is such a wonderful gift from God. It’s our life-line. Sometimes being in ministry we may feel weary, dry or just weighed down with life’s issues. We may even feel overwhelmed as we pray with and for others. We at ESPS recognise that at times we ourselves are in need of receiving prayer and knowing the blessing of having someone stand with and for us.

If you are viewing this page as a member of a congregation, we would warmly encourage you to pray lovingly for your pastor and his/her family. We do not receive prayer requests from anyone “on behalf of” their pastor or leader. If you are viewing this section as a pastor or pastor’s spouse, then this prayer request form is for you to fill in.

We know it can sometimes be hard to confide in those in your own church or friend group with personal prayer requests, and so we have set up this section of the ministry for your access only. We have a small team of wonderful intercessors who have a real heart and love for those God has called into ministry. They are on hand to pray through any prayer requests you may have. At all times and with every situation shared with us we guarantee total confidentiality. Each person on the team has been prayerfully invited by us, and each has had prayer ministry training and experience.

All you have to do is send in your prayer requests to our email address via the Contact form below, which will then be forwarded to the Prayer Team. Your request will be prayed for, and you will receive a note of acknowledgment and encouragement. Please be assured that all prayer requests and any personal information shared will be treated in total confidence.



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Vital Connexions has been offering training in counselling, couples counselling and counselling supervision for nearly 20 years.