Lockdown meant that we, and our spouses and children had no choice but to stay at home. This resulted in everyone being stuck together in the same space every day. Although many will have some good memories to look back on from this time, it has also being a time of stress, worry, fluctuating emotions, marital tension, and refereeing children’s squabbles.

As restrictions are starting to ease, many of our homes are still a place of busyness and it can be hard to find a quiet space for contemplation and prayer.

To bless and encourage you today I want to share this beautiful prayer for all our households.

Dear loving Lord,

My home needs your peace.

My family needs you, won’t you come to us?

Won’t you set us free?

Pour out your love, pour out your Spirit,

Wash us clean, cover us, and protect us.

By the blood of Christ we are cleansed.

From His wounds, mercy and peace come forth,

To heal the wounds between us.

Let us respect, and listen to one another. Let us love one another.

Begin with me, dear Lord.

Let the change begin in me.

Give me strength. Show me how to love more.

Show me how to care more.

Show me how to forgive. Let your Spirit change me.

While you care for the others,

Let me trust in this.

That they are in your hands. Just like me.

In the name of sweet Jesus.



(Taken from – www.prayerforanxiety.com)


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