This section is dedicated to prayer

coronavirus prayer

Living and loving God, we thank you that we can turn to you in any and every situation, and trust you with all of our days. We continue to stand with people all over the world as we pray for your intervention against the Coronavirus.

We pray this virus would start to slow down and that a vaccine would soon be discovered and made quickly available.

We pray for families and friends who have lost loved ones to this virus, comfort and console them we pray. We pray for those who are dying, be their hope and their refuge, and bring them comfort and peace we pray.

God, would you draw near to those who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus. We pray for their healing, and that they would know your peace as they recover.

We pray for families who are worried for loved ones, may all find their strength in you.

We pray for all those in the NHS on the frontline, that you would bless and protect them and keep them safe as they look after those infected with the virus.

We pray for our leaders, our Prime Minister Boris Johnson and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. God, grant them wisdom in all their decision making. We commit them and their colleagues to you.

We pray for all those who are worried about the future financially with uncertainty over jobs and income. God, be their comforter and provider.

We pray for children and young people who are isolated at home, that they would be protected from fear and anxiety and know that you have a plan and a wonderful future for them.

We pray your angels to watch over us all. Especially any children and young people who feel vulnerable in their home situations, God, be their shield and protector.

We pray for our communities. Teach us how to love one another, and be kind and caring. Enable us to look out for others, to say kind words, to volunteer to help where we can.

We pray for our congregations who miss meeting for worship and being in fellowship. God fill every home and heart with your presence.

We pray for every pastor and leader who is concerned for their congregation. Give courage in stepping into new ways of doing and being church. Give grace that all may radiate faith and trust in you and not fear the unknown but step forward in your strength.

We pray for pastors who are on sick leave or signed off from work and carry unnecessary guilt that they are unavailable. Free them from any lie of the enemy about their worth, and let them be re-assured, rested, and restored in Jesus’ name.

We pray that we would grow in our faith and our walk with you. For holiness and purity to come to our lives and for a renewed love and passion for people and our world.

We pray for ourselves and all who feel anxious, stressed or fearful. May we choose faith and not fear, trusting you implicitly with every area of our lives.

“Cast all your anxiety on Him, because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen


Donna MacNeil