There are many voices fighting for our attention in these days. We have constant competition from television, newspapers, blogs and an abundance of social media outlets. Government bodies, scientists, health professionals, celebrities, all with so much to say on any given topic. It can be overwhelming, and an absolute overload of information and other people’s opinions. We can be left perplexed and even wondering what our own thoughts and opinions are.

It can be much the same in Christendom. All over the world we are thankful for great leaders, organisations, prayer houses, prophetic voices, and anointed ministries. Many God gifted men and women who have blessed the church throughout the generations in so many ways. We now have an incredible spiritual menu at our fingertips to access anything and everything on various media platforms. We can easily become overwhelmed and lost in other people’s thoughts and opinions across the Christian world too.

Rather insidiously it can become much easier to scroll through other people’s interpretation on many topics of faith, Christian living, and opinions on what God is saying. Whilst that may be helpful at times, alarm bells ring when it becomes our pattern to tune into other people’s voices rather than God’s. What is God saying about His church in these days – to you? What is God saying about your life - to you? Like young Samuel we need to pray  ‘Speak Lord, for your servant is listening!’

He has already given us His word to direct and guide us, and we have the amazing gift of prayer to commune with Him, as well as the joy of worship that draws His presence so close.

There are many great influencers all over the world, but no voice will be as influential in your life as the voice of your Heavenly Father. Whilst thankful for great leaders, we are more thankful for a Great God. Whilst thankful for great books and commentaries, we are more thankful for God’s Word.

Maybe we need to dial down the noise, step away from the latest Christian trends, switch off the weekly podcasts, and just connect with God ourselves, one on one. Return again to pursuing His presence, directives, answers to prayers, etc. for yourself. Ask God what is on His heart. What a wonderful invitation to us all Psalm 25:14 – The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them”. God isn’t just interested in the pouring out of our hearts towards him, He longs to share His heart with us. Astounding!

The intimate pursuit of His voice for ourselves also ushers us into a place of beautiful love and blessing. We get to be who God sees us, as His sons and daughters. We freely receive His abundant love, grace, mercy, strength, hope, courage and joy as we hear words of love and affirmation that our loving Father speaks to His children. God longs to share that love in the place of intimacy as we pursue His voice and ways for ourselves.



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