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Welcome! Our prayer is that you will find some hope and encouragement for whatever stage and season you are at in ministry. As the seasons flow naturally in life, so they do in Christian ministry. We know what it is to relish in the newness and warmth of spring and summer, feel the changing winds of autumn, and wonder if we will we ever survive the storms and bleakness of winter! We will have different articles and recommended resources coming your way as we look to encourage you in whatever season you may be in. We want to remind you that you are not alone.


There are many of us in ministry, in different denominations, all over the length and breadth of this nation serving God in towns, villages and cities.  All spreading the Gospel and the love of Jesus. Sit back and reflect on that a moment. The church of Christ IS very much alive, God IS at work, and YOU are a wonderful piece of that picture!


Being a pastor is a unique calling in life. Most of us literally give our all - body, mind, soul and spirit as we get involved in the lives of those we pastor and those further afield.  We often face being available on a 24/7 basis.


Whilst that can be fulfilling and a blessing, it can also be utterly exhausting and take a toll on our personal lives, family lives, and church lives. The statistics are alarming regarding the amount of pastors leaving the ministry. Too many are burnt out, utterly exhausted, sick, or somewhat beaten up and wounded. The tide has to turn. We want to encourage you through the testimonies and vulnerability of other pastors, in order to actively “strengthen one another in the Lord”.


Amongst  other things, we want to talk about the issues that may be close to a pastor’s heart - relationships, marriage, children and family issues, finances, health and well being, recreation and rest, burn out, temptations, spiritual attacks etc. In the coming months we will also explore different church related topics.


Our hearts desire will be to encourage you in the joy of your own personal walk with God. At ESPS we passionately believe that God is looking to revive, refresh and strengthen pastors in Him again, as we believe He is looking to sweep through our nation once more. Our cry is as the line of a popular worship song “Lord, send revival… start with me”.


We love you, we are praying for you, we are standing with you and for you in God.

Latest Articles - Updated weekly

The Challenges and Joys of Being Single in Ministry

Going into ministry stirred up feelings of joy at following through on God’s call for my life, but it also brought up concerns about potential challenges. Will the people I work with like me? Will they care about what I have to say? Will I be a good representative of...

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Pastors Struggling With Suicide

When God interrupts, it would be foolish not to heed Him. As I was praying over this week’s articles, I sensed a brooding of the Spirit over a change of direction. I was reminded of the sad death of the philanthropist Steve Bing earlier this week who at 55 years old,...

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Father’s Day

Here in the UK, Father’s Day is being celebrated this coming Sunday  21st June. For those who are Dads, be encouraged by this honest testimony of a Christian man who was thankful to gain a fresh perspective on his role as a father as he journeyed with God. To all men...

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Prophetic Testimony

Last week, to celebrate the end of the weekly NHS Clap for carers, a well known and popular local band took to our streets. From the back of a large lorry ( with health and safety adhered to) they toured the main town and outlying areas providing a free live concert...

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Pastor Weariness In Lockdown

In conversation with a parish pastor recently, I was reminded how lockdown has been incredibly stressful and busy for many in ministry. There seems to be a misnomer amongst some folk that because churches are closed then it’s one long holiday for ministers! Nothing...

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Personal Pursuit Of God’s Voice

There are many voices fighting for our attention in these days. We have constant competition from television, newspapers, blogs and an abundance of social media outlets. Government bodies, scientists, health professionals, celebrities, all with so much to say on any...

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Praying For The Persecuted Church

In celebrating Pentecost, the day the Church of Christ was birthed, we want to stand with and for all those who are part of the persecuted church. We hear frequent stories of incredible suffering, cost and sacrifice, and all of this is being exacerbated since the...

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Here at ESPS Ministries we are in full support of and very grateful for Mental Health Awareness Week UK 18-24th May. According to statistics 1 in 6 people in the UK will experience mental health issues each year. In recent times there has been a welcome increase in...

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Hurting And Forgiving

Many pastors and leaders have an understanding of the biblical response to being hurt and wounded. There are a myriad of examples, along with the very directives of Jesus, and countless books written on the subject. Chapter and verse may be easy to quote to others who...

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5 Ways the Pandemic Is Saving the Church

COVID-19 is rightly seen as a plague on our world, leaving a wake of physical death and financial devastation in its path. Most would say it’s been terribly distressing to the church, as most churches around the world are not able to gather for weekly worship or...

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Swings And Roundabouts

For many of us during this pandemic, our week will be filled with fluctuating thoughts and emotions as we go about daily life. Some days we may feel at total peace and walk in blissful reconciliation to our circumstances. Other days we may feel frustrated, tense,...

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Your Club Membership by Rev Kenny Borthwick

Conquerors look like conquerors and you see reasons why they have conquered. We are not called to be easily explainable. We are not called to be conquerors, but “More than Conquerors.” That sort of victor is not explainable in terms of the trappings of power, or...

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