Worry doesn’t achieve anything positive. It literally drains us of joy and peace, saps our energy, and causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. We know all this and yet we often find ourselves on the same old roundabout of being overwhelmed when different situations arise.

God already covered this in His word. He simply tells us NOT to worry. Amen! It is said that there are over 365 bible verses telling us to ‘Fear Not’ or ‘Don not fear’- that’s more than one for each day of life. We need to choose to reign in our thoughts, fan our faith into life, and dilute our fears each time we are tempted into worrying.

A  popular quote by Corrie Ten Boom is “Worry doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it empties today of its strength.”. The following is another wonderful perspective about worry taken from her bookReflections of God’s Glory,’ ( A transcript of radio broadcasts)

Once, I had a burden that weighed heavily on me. I set it down and looked at it. Then I saw that everything about my burden was borrowed. One part belonged to the following day, one part to the next week. My burden was a huge, stupid mistake. I realized that worrying is carrying tomorrow’s burden with today’s strength. It’s carrying two days at once. It’s prematurely thinking of tomorrow. On the calendar, there is only one day for action, and that is today.

Making plans is time-consuming. Time is necessary for making wise decisions, but carrying them out belongs to only one day—today.

We become concerned about the future—our financial concerns, our health. Where does this lead to? Nowhere. Nowhere that is worth the trouble because tension ruins things. It depletes the energy that you need to live today. The Holy Spirit does not give you a clear blueprint for your life, but He leads you from moment to moment. Live for today!

I read somewhere, “Why don’t we look for something that is easier than anxiety? Worried people are like tightrope walkers, trying to walk over a rope from the past to the future, balancing between hope and fear. In one hand they hold a bag with the disordered past, in the other bag, the feared future. Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s grief; it takes away today’s strength. It does not enable us to avoid evil, but it makes us incapable of dealing with it when it comes.”

I once heard a nice story, a kind of legend. A small clock, which had just been finished by its maker, was put on a shelf in his shop between two old clocks that were busily and loudly ticking away the seconds. “So,” said one of the old clocks to the newcomer, “you’ve just started this task. I feel sorry for you. You are bravely ticking now, but you’ll be very tired once you’ve ticked thirty-three million times.”

“Thirty-three million ticks?” said the startled clock, “but I could never do that!” He immediately stopped in desperation.

“Come on, stupid,” said the other clock. “Why do you listen to such talk? That’s not how things are. At each moment you only need to tick once. Isn’t that easy? And then again. That’s just as easy. Carry on like that.”

“Oh, if that’s all,” the new clock cried, “then that’s easy enough. Off I go.” And he began to bravely tick each moment, without paying attention to the months and the millions of ticks. When the year was up, he had ticked thirty-three million times without realizing it.

Yes, living for the moment, that’s what you need. The Lord’s prayer says, “Give us today our daily bread.” …A person does not fall so much because of the troubles of one day, but if tomorrow’s burden is added, this load can become very, very heavy. It is wonderfully easy to live just for the day.

That’s exactly how our Creator and Saviour said we should live.  ‘Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own’. (Matthew 6v34) May we all be given the grace and faith to live in such a manner today.

Donna MacNeil

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