The start of a New Year gives us a wonderful opportunity to review both our personal and marriage relationships. It’s good to take time to ponder any changes we may like to make and seize the day in implementing them. We can purposefully use some of this time of Lockdown to declutter our lives and focus again on what’s really important and what we want to give priority to.

I came across a wonderful FREE tool from ‘Focus on the Family’. It’s a questionnaire you can take about you and your marriage. After taking you through a set of questions, you get a review at the end summarising areas of strengths and weaknesses, similar in a way to the outcome of a Myers-Briggs Test. This could provide a great opportunity to initiate dialogue with our spouses about our relationships as we look to live and love well and grow and mature together.

Remember in reviewing any results, to do so without accusation, but in love. Look on it as a stepping stone into some honest and helpful discussions we may need to have with one another. It’s important we continue to nurture our marriages as ‘together we really are stronger’.

As couples or individuals, there’s nothing to lose, but plenty to gain. Go on, give it a shot.

Focus on Marriage Assessment

Donna MacNeil


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