The dictionary definition of a lie is: – ‘To speak falsely with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth, a falsehood’.

Lies are revolting. They are devious and underhanded, sly and deceitful. The Bible warns repeatedly against lies, and the consequences of being a liar. Painful as it may be when we are personally lied about, there is no such powerful lies, utterly bent on our destruction, as those that come from the Father of all Lies. Satan.

One such lie is aimed directly at those who are spouses of husbands and wives in Christian ministry.

Time after time, the enemy of our souls comes to steal the joy of serving God. He has had centuries of practice. It can start as a sudden or a very subtle thought process. A negative, a doubt, a weakness, quickly followed by a flood of false truths, half-truths, accusation, intimidation and even fear. The enemy fills your head with a barrage of lies to convince you that you are not good enough, not gifted enough, not spiritual enough etc - to be alongside your spouse in Christian ministry. A lie from the pit.

Recognise and deal with such lies in your life once and for all. Root them out. Don’t give these lies place any longer. They are created to hold you down, keep you back, and render you ineffective in both doing the will of God and being who God has called you to be.

Further evil intention of a spouse’s demise is that it will have a knock-on effect on our spouse in ministry. Bringing angst, tensions, etc in the relationship, home, and even in the church.

There is a wonderful verse in scripture that says that God even knows where we are going to live -  ‘he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live’(Acts 17v26).

That being the case, doesn’t it also ring true then that He knew who you were going to marry and what your destiny would be? Faithful is He who calls to equip. He didn’t just call your spouse to ministry, He called you too to journey with them in life. To whatever degree you are involved in church life or not, to be married to a minister involves being equipped with extra grace, love, patience, wisdom, discernment, intercessory prayer etc. Equipping that God lavishly provides for us as we ask Him.

Expose the lies of the enemy in your life. Walk in truth and freedom. Stand in the promises of God’s word in who you are and whose you are.

Being a supportive wife/husband is an incredibly special role. Together in love and unity, honouring one another, knowing that God is blessed by spousal unity.

You are enough.


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