Christians around the world will be aware and celebrating Good Friday today. And celebrate indeed we should, whether in our own personal devotions and/or attending worship services.

Celebrating by being thankful, taking time to pause, reflect, worship, pray, and bring our hearts of gratitude to God.

Good grief is perhaps an oxymoron, but grief is an important part of our celebrations on Good Friday. Grieving as we read and reflect on the pain Jesus felt physically, emotionally, and especially spiritually. The utter torment, the mocking, the flogging, the injustice, the horror of crucifixion. Separation from His Father. Then Death.

We also grieve as we reflect on our part in the cross. We sometimes sing ‘Were you there when they crucified my Lord?’ The weight of what Jesus has done for you and I personally. Bearing our sins. Dying in our place. When we think how flippant we can be at times in receiving the gift of salvation.

We can be guilty of being on auto pilot in our faith… daily reading and prayer time, church on Sundays, mid-week Bible study routine. If we view this Easter weekend as just a busy time or a holiday time, and not a time of extra devotion and contemplation then we can deny ourselves a deep and meaningful experience with God. We can also be so busy preparing for Easter services that our own personal reflections get put aside in the doing for others.

Draw near to God today in thanksgiving, and be blessed as He in turn draws near to you.

Before we conclude -  remember It’s only Good Friday – but Sunday’s coming!!

Resurrection life. Fulfilment of promises. Forgiveness of sin. Relationship through redemption. Death turns to life. Grief turns to joy.

Be Blessed over this Easter Weekend. Enjoy the goodness of God in your life, your family, your church, your community, and in your own walk with Him.

Take five minutes this Good Friday and listen, reflect, and be blessed.

What’s so good about Good Friday?

(D MacNeil)

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