You plan a family movie night, dim the lights, settle around the TV with your snacks when horror of horrors something very inappropriate invades your screen resulting in an immediate mad scramble for the remote! Annoyingly, I’m sure it’s happened to most of us. It’s becoming increasingly hard to find good family shows or movies with Christian morals and values, and no hidden agendas.

Once upon a time (pun intended) all the ‘kids movies’ of the day were sweet and innocent and could be relied on for leaving the viewer with a warm fuzzy feeling at the end. The way it should be for children. Nowadays there is a subtle shift with witchcraft, witches, and spells becoming normalised as well as shows and films aimed at our children’s innocence getting increasingly sexualized.

We as parents, grand-parents and carers still hold the authority over what does or does not come into our homes. We can vote with a click or an unsubscribe. We need to protect the purity and wellbeing of our children and decide ourselves what is age appropriate or not.

There are great alternatives out there. New Faith Network is one I’ve come across recently and found to be a calming relief from much of the mainstream madness. Children’s programmes, teens shows, films, dramas, true stories, etc. it really is worth checking out.
No, I’m not on commission, I just think it’s so important we find good safe programmes for our families when everyone is bingeing on TV and movies especially in lockdown. And when we find something good that’s a welcome alternative, then we simply pass it on.

So go on, give it a go. You even get a free trial. Happy safe screen time one and all!

New Faith Network

Donna MacNeil



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