God can take good out of any situation. He can turn things around, answer our prayers, and is always utterly faithful to all His promises in His word. That’s a great reminder for us today as we continue in lockdown with our families.

In whatever ways we have all been trying to get through this pandemic, perhaps there is an incredible window of opportunity in this situation that could be transformational in our homes and family life.

I’m sure we have all read articles and seen pictures of families rediscovering the benefits of being together just now whether in cooking, walking, exercising, crafting, watching movies, etc. It’s wonderful to see. Families chatting and having time for one another again.

Family was and is God’s idea, and it’s beautiful. The suddenly of this worldwide virus has caused us all to rethink our values and priorities, which may be a good thing. None of us are perfect, but regardless of our history we can start moving towards a stronger foundation for destiny. We can use this time to strengthen family ties in so many ways. We really don’t want to take our families for granted. They are a gift from God.

If your family aren’t in your home, then make extra effort to keep in touch, speak out words of kindness and love, write emails and cards of appreciation and thankfulness. Look out old photos and make family trees, plan a family get together or holiday for when this is all over. Rekindle relationships that you may have thought couldn’t be. This is a door of opportunity.

If you have children in the home, enjoy this time to laugh and play and lavish your availability on them. Maybe you already practise family worship which is wonderful, or perhaps today is a new invitation or reminder for us to be worshiping with our families in our homes.

Be connected in God, read the Bible together, and pray as a family. If this has lapsed in your home then what a great time to bring it back. Teenagers and adult children will also hugely benefit from having family worship times.

When the world isn’t sure where to turn we model to our families that we turn to God. If busyness has stolen this habit then lets own our mistakes and be honest with our loved ones that we want family worship back. Make it a priority again. Not for religious reasons, but for relationship reasons. Ours with God and ours together as a family.

Use a family Bible, or a translation that’s easy to understand. Invite family members to take turns to read and to pray, it can be so affirming. Even in ministry life, many of us can get caught up pastoring others and may inadvertently  neglect our own families. Along with many others, I firmly believe God is aching for the Bible and prayer to be at the centre of every home again in Scotland and indeed the world. Revival beginning with us.

As we reflect on family life today, we continue to pray for those who have been affected or bereaved in this time by coronavirus.

We also choose to position ourselves before God, and ask for grace to make the changes we want to see and be, so that He is firmly at the centre of our homes and who we are as families.

D MacNeil

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