Have you ever searched high and low for you glasses only to eventually discover they were on your head? Perhaps you still use a magnifying glass to read the daily paper, insisting you don’t need to get your eyes tested just yet? Or maybe you buy various strengths of high street retailers’ glasses in a bid to avoid a full eye test and the looming need for prescription glasses form an optician?

Our attitude to our vision can be such a funny thing. We know the importance of regular eye checks, having the right glasses, looking after our health, etc but adapting to aiding our vision in the form of glasses or contact lenses can take time. The change however isn’t just necessary, its beneficial.

As natural vision can get obscured and changes occur, I wander what’s the condition of our spiritual vision? Where are the dreams and hopes and visions that God gave us at the start of our ministry journey? Have they faded from your spirit, gradually becoming less visible and important? What are we still carrying today, even after years, that is still buried deep in our hearts and souls? God given. Yet to be birthed.

Many come into ministry with exciting vision of what church could look like and what church could be. Dreams of building up and growing the church. Vision and hunger to see fulfilment of passions. Perhaps burning vision to reach into your community to bring the love of Jesus in different ways? Endless vision covering endless topics.

Visions can be subject to change and can evolve as time goes by. For some they may slowly come into being, but for others it feels as if they have died. Perhaps years of frustration, opposition, or indeed exhaustion, have drained vison away. If that’s the case for you, ask God to renew vision for what He wants to do in you and through you. It’s never too late.

Despite the discouragements, the opposition and the naysayers, we are reminded all through scripture of those who persevered against the odds to see fulfilment of vision. Nehemiah is an incredible example of one who pursued against the odds to see the fulfilment of the vision God gave him. He restored the wall, and so too the city and people of Jerusalem. All in an incredible 52 days!

Be encouraged that what you’ve waited for years to see can become a reality in a short time when we look to God and trust in Him.

May the breath, the Ruach of God blow over the coals of vision today. Resurrecting that which you had forgotten or laid aside or lost hope for. The best visionary prescription we need today is that the eyes of our hearts are solely and clearly focussed on Jesus and His promises and purposes for us and our lives.



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