We are delighted to share with you the news that this year we will be holding our Annual Conference online.

We are excited that we can still connect with you all, and although will certainly miss being with you in person, we look forward to sharing together virtually.

As we work towards confirming a date and planning the day, we wanted to use this opportunity to connect with YOU, and ask if there is any specific areas of life in ministry/church/leadership that you would like us to address as part of the day? Where do YOU feel you need encouragement or strengthening? Perhaps in personal development, your walk with God, marriage/family issues in ministry/reigniting vision for the future/weathering opposition, etc. Or maybe something else crucial to you that others would benefit from.

Please do let us know ASAP, just drop us a quick reply with suggested topics of interest to admin@espsministries.org. Your needs are important to us as we look to be a blessing to YOU. We already have a great sense of anticipation for the day, and very much look forward to being together.



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