The Fathers LOVE Letter

The Fathers LOVE Letter

From birth to death there will be many loves in our lives. BUT the greatest love for every one of us is to know the love of our Heavenly Father. He loves each of us perfectly, lavishly, and unconditionally.

This Valentines weekend is a timely reminder of His perfect love for us all.

God Loves YOU.

And He is the Father you have been looking for all your life.
This is His love Letter to you.

Father’s Love Letter used by permission Father Heart Communications ©1999

As well as the Father’s Love letter in video and pdf form, there is a wonderful devotional ebook also available.

This free e-book contains a devotional thought for each line in the Father’s Love Letter accompanied beautiful photos in a format that will help bring a deeper meaning to this intimate message from God to you.


Women In Ministry Conference 2020 – Recap & Reposition

Women In Ministry Conference 2020 – Recap & Reposition

It’s almost a year to the day since we had our first ESPS Ministries conference for women in ministry and leadership. Tailored for women who serve God in the roles of pastor, pastors spouse, missions workers, church leadership, etc. It was enormously beneficial to get together with others in similar roles and callings. This is an area we at ESPS Ministries are excited to continue developing for you.

What an incredibly blessed and inspiring day we had as we were built up and envisioned for the year ahead. None of us could have foreseen how that year was about to dramatically change with Covid-19 sweeping the whole world. Life was put on hold for us all, including our plans for another Conference at the start of this year. However, the good news is that we are planning a similar event for a later date, details to follow nearer the time.

Whether you were a conference delegate or not, I’ve been sensing the Holy Spirit encouraging us to listen to the seminars from that day again. As we look to start easing restrictions in the next month or so, this is a good time to position our hearts and see what God may be saying to us for our lives. Perhaps it’s time to rekindle the embers of our hearts again, stirring up faith for resurrection of hopes, dreams, purpose and promises? Listening to these seminars is certainly one way of doing that.

Many of us have struggled in areas of life and faith over these last long months. Why not take time now to encourage yourself? As you do God bless you with renewed strength and grace going forward in life, knowing that HE is right by us, in us, for us, and is going ahead of us!

Seminars from that day can be found on our website under ‘Conferences & Events’ –  Click here

Here are the details of the teaching from each session.

Andrea Wigglesworth-  1‘New Seasons- Could Be’s /should Be’s’ &

3 -‘What time is it? Time for Daniels to Arise’

Donna MacNeil- 2- ‘Fulfilment of Promises’ ( Looking at the life of Sarah)


Tending Our Mental And Spiritual Health

Tending Our Mental And Spiritual Health

Who would have imagined back in March that we would still be living with varying degrees of lockdown and restrictions on our daily living due to Covid-19? I think most of us have just about managed to trundle along from month to month as we faced uncertainty around the pandemic, people’s health, employment, education, family, personal and church life. Some have even had to deal with worst of Covid-19 with the loss of loved ones, or people in their congregation and community. It’s fair to say that these last few months have been an emotional roller coaster for us all.

As those who work from day to day with a focus on other people’s wellbeing, it is essential we keep finding time for ourselves to deal with our own thoughts and emotions. Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are so very important. Taking time to look after ourselves is actually practicing wisdom. From a place of personal wellness, we are in a better position to then look after others.

‘RESET’ was the title of our Annual ESPS Conference that we held recently. (seminars coming online soon)

Coincidentally ‘RESET’ was the title of an interview Andrea Wigglesworth took part in back in April for a church in Ireland. This is a wonderfully helpful message that is still very timely and applicable for us in these days. (follow the link below)

Andrea shares how to deal healthily with our thoughts, emotions and anxieties. She gently encourages us to ponder the question - is it possible we could actually emerge from this season stronger in God after a personal re-set? Will we flounder or will we flourish?

God bless and encourage us all to be positioned to flourish in these days and in the days to come.

Please follow the link below;-



Donna MacNeil

Personal Prayer Support

Personal Prayer Support

Our recent Annual Conference was a very blessed day indeed. It was wonderful to connect with those of you who joined us. All the seminars were so rich and inspiring, encouraging and comforting.

We also had our experienced prayer team with us all day, manning phones throughout the building as they adhered to social distancing. Our prayer team have always been a rich asset at our events as we offer a guaranteed confidential service. Throughout the conference the phones kept ringing, which was wonderful for our team and a rich oasis for our callers.

I feel prompted to remind you that this service is available throughout the year, and not just at our events. As those who are very much on the front line, we know that many leaders and spouses struggle to find a trusted place to go for personal prayer support. Today is a reminder to you that we as ESPS Ministries are here, and we are here for you.

Prayer changes things, and actually being personally prayed for can feel like a strengthening to our whole being. You can request prayer by emailing us through our website, through the prayer request box under prayer, and also through the contact form.

Whenever you feel that no one is there for you to turn to, please do get in touch. As well as prayer support, we will also look to signpost you to other organisations that may be of benefit in other ways.

We do pray for you collectively today, thanking God for your life and witness and pray His abundant blessings over and into your life.