Worry and anxiety are the scourge of modern living. Stress, over functioning, lack of rest/sleep, and even depression can be cousins of this blight in our lives. Regardless of gender, age or status it can become a battleground for many of us.

There are a variety of great tools and practices we can learn to help us cope with anxiety, with a powerful one actually being God’s word. We forget that there are so many promises in scripture beautifully presented for us to mull over, pray through, submit too and help readjust the lens of perspective and peace.

Last weekend I had the privilege of chatting to many women in ministry, where pastors wives especially spoke of feeling overwhelmed, drained, discouraged and fraught in busy ministry life. Many felt inadequate and beaten down by circumstances out with their control. Others struggled because they felt disconnected to  their spouse or misunderstood by the congregations they were serving. Still others felt exhausted balancing schedules, worrying about their families, finances etc. Whatever the situation the end result of worry and anxiety was the same for all. We need to remember that we have an enemy of our souls who is all too eager to maximise every opportunity to fill us with worry, negative thoughts and fears. It can be debilitating. That’s why we are flagging up a very helpful book today.

If you are reading this today and your anxiety is to a point where it’s become a mental health issue, then please do go and see a doctor and get the help and support and even medication that you need. There is no shame, there is only support to help you cope. Please don’t suffer alone, confide in someone today and start the journey towards wellness.

The recommend book today is “Anxious For Nothing” by Max Lucado. (..finding calm in a chaotic world). It’s a wonderful helpful book, filled with tools to come against anxiety and how to win the war on worry. This book is a recommended read for all of us. Not just for life in ministry but just for living daily life well. Books like this are incredibly helpful and indeed can be a life line, that’s why we like to share them with you.

I’ll leave you with these beautiful verses below today. Yes, anxiety can feel like a battle but in God we can win the war!

D MacNeil

“Today, I will live today.
Yesterday is past.
Tomorrow is not yet.
I’m left with today.
So, today, I will live today.

Relive yesterday? No.
I will learn from it.
I will seek mercy for it.
I will take joy in it.
But I won’t live in it.
The sun has set on yesterday.

The sun has yet to rise on tomorrow.
Worry about the future? To what gain?
It deserves a glance, nothing more.
I can’t change tomorrow until tomorrow.

Today I will live today.
I will face today’s challenges with today’s strength.
I will dance today’s waltz with today’s music.
I will celebrate today’s opportunities with today’s hope.

May I laugh, listen, learn, and love today.
And, tomorrow, if it comes, may I do so again.”

(Max Lucado Nov 2015)

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