….”Overscheduled. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. “Sound familiar? Too familiar?

You are living at a velocity you know that deep down is unsustainable. Your life is off course - crammed with busyness, too out of focus. You keep waiting for things to get better but they never do

In “Simplify “, bestselling author Bill Hybels  identifies core issues that drive this kind of living and offers action steps to help you live a better way. By eradicating clutter from your inner world, you can experience immediate rewards, greater strength, clearer purpose, richer relationships and more.

 REVIEW: - This is a highly recommended book, especially for all who serve in ministry. Written by a long serving and mature pastor, it is spiritual and practical, insightful, honest, encouraging and equipping.

With chapter headings like “From Exhausted to Energised”, “From Wounded to Whole” and ” From Drifting to Focussed “, you know you are in for a beneficial read.

This is one of these books that as you read, you do so knowing you will be re-reading, and perhaps with a highlighter pen at the ready!   Bill shares so honestly all that God and life have taught him over the decades of being in ministry and leadership. He shares openly from many personal stories where God has taught him new values and lovingly taught him to deal with issues of the heart, both his own and as a result of damage from others. It’s so good to glean new principles to practice change and healthy boundaries where we need to. It’s also enlightening to remember that God wants us to “enjoy” our lives as well as “our call” and that together both should flow in a healthy rhythm. I believe that’s something God wants us to catch in these days. He is our loving Father and he wants us to enjoy life and family, and to break through any invisible guilt we feel whilst trying to do so!

This is a highly recommended read……. well worth investing in if you can.

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