Too many pastors are leaving the ministry each year in Scotland. Too many are burnt out, too many broken and bruised, too many feeling isolated and discouraged. ESPS Ministries seeks to encourage pastors and their spouses in serving God in ministry. We’ll seek to bring encouragement to be the leaders they were called to be and to be built up in who they are in God; making them more effective in their personal lives, churches, and communities.


We are a non-denominational ministry that relies solely on the kind donations of partners and friends of this ministry.We look forward to this exciting opportunity of bringing you a ministry that shares the heart of God for His precious servants in our culture and nation in these days.


If you are viewing this website outwith Scotland, we warmly welcome you too and pray God’s blessing on you as you serve in ministry.


This years Annual Conference in Perth was a great blessing for all who came. As always the day was tailored with a sensitivity for those serving in ministry. Rev Kenny Borthwick and his wife Morag were our guest speakers and brought decades of Godly wisdom and grace in some profound teaching. Our own board member Rev Hector Morrison (HTC Principal) spoke a much needed and timely word about spiritual warfare in ministry, which was of real importance and very equipping for all. As usual our prayer team were with us and ministered so beautifully to all who went to receive personal prayer.

This year we were so blessed having Sam Hibbard from Aberdeen leading worship. He helped bring us into God’s presence throughout the day.

We look forward already to next years event! Keep checking the website for all our events to come next year.

Pastors, Spouses and book review sections are updated weekly.

Come back soon for the latest…

**Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.**

 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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